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Sri Aurobindo's Light

India and the British Parliament


A great critic has pronounced that the aim of all truly helpful

criticism is to see the object as it really is. The Press is the sole

contemporary critic of politics, and according as its judgments

are sound or unsound, the people whose political ideas it forms,

will be likely to prosper or fail. It is therefore somewhat unfortunate

that the tendency of journalists should be to see the object

not as it really is, but as they would like it to be. In a country

like England this may not greatly matter; but in India, whose

destinies are in the balance, and at a time when a straw might

turn the scale, it is of the gravest importance that no delusion,

however specious or agreeable, should be allowed to exist. Yet in

the face of this necessity, the Indian Press seems eager to accept even the flimsiest excuse for deluding itself.


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